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"Hay guys hru hope ur good mi question for da podcast is what are your theories about the upcoming decades dance and what do you think with delena in episode. Candice luv u <3"


… You can count on it.

(and Jenn and Jay flipping out because it’s the 1920’s!)


"How do you think the show would be received if vampires were NOT part of the show? With the same relationships and dynamics and everything, just no vampires."

It would not be nearly as interesting. Most of the drama is based off the supernatural elements. It would be just another drama-based high school show that could fizzle once the characters are out of high school. At least this way the show could still pickup after HS since they hardly go there anyways.


"When/how do you think Jeremy will come back to the show (ie. back to Mystic Falls from Denver)?"

With his little polka-dot bag saying, “Hai! I’m back!”

Or imagine if he comes back with Katherine?!?!

The rumored spoilers say he’ll be returning on the 15th but we know for sure he’ll make an appearance by the season finale. Something or someone will bring him back to Mystic Falls. My guess… someone’s in danger. 


"I haven't listened to this week yet but if you didn't discuss it this week id really like to hear the opinion on what the writers are doing to Alaric. How do you feel about the writers killing him over and over? An How would you all feel if he was killed off for good?"

I think it’s setting up for there to be a problem with the rings. We love Alaric and there needs to be at least a Dalaric send off before he dies. And right now, the last thing Elena needs is to lose another parental figure.


In which Char gives an announcement and does NOT get derailed. (:

In a sentence, here’s the news: The TVD Night Owls are, unfortunately, going on hiatus. :|

Listen to the recording for a bit more info, please! It’s not long, I promise. Literally about 2 minutes.

Thank you, all of you, for always being here, dealing with our shenanigans, and supporting us all the way. We appreciate it more than you could ever know. You’re all amazing, and we adore each and every one of you. Hopefully we’ll be back soon!

Love always and forever,

Anna, Char, Jay, and Jenn


The TVD Night Owls :D

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"About Damon killing Abby. I don't think Stefan knew that Damon was gonna turn her so I didn't think he deliberately let him. I thought Damon just beat Stefan to the punch. Am I just misinterpreting or something?"

Stefan didn’t know. That’s why he questioned him later on.


"About the question about why Stefan let Damon kill Abby even though it was supposed to be him... As in, we know why Damon did it for him, but we want to know why Stefan let him do it."

Hopefully, that will be explained in the show but I think it’s more about focusing on becoming his old self. It’s not a matter of “letting” Damon get away with it. Because if Damon was intent on doing it, he’ll do it. Damon must’ve picked up on the guilt once again when Stefan approached Bonnie beforehand- worrying about the casualties. Damon doesn’t worry about that… he just acts.


"Alright, so we've had something Delena at the end of the first two seasons. Do you think that we'll have another Delena finale and if so what do you think will happen?"

We know that the triangle is going to “come to a head” at the season finale as Julie Plec stated. So, we’ll hopefully have some kind of Delena finale this season.

[Note: Anna doesn’t want simply a Delena ending. Because she ships both Delena and Stelena, she only wants a really good season finale in which there are hopefully very few deaths!]

Official Stills for 3x17 | Break on Through


Official Stills for 3x17 | Break on Through